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we have several accidents to tell you about. trouble on the jfx a crash "a long the northbound lanes at 28th street. heading downtown it will take 12 minutes to travel from the beltway all the way to fayette street. we have an accident downtown that you want to keep in mind that's going to be right on electrickington street at gay street. and unfortunately problems persist on the beltway. we are dealing with a crash on the outer loop at reisterstown road and here's a live look at the area at liberty road. not too bad. you are look at 13 minutes from 795 down to 95. and this is what 95 looks like at just north of 195. no problems right now heading down to dc or if you are traveling north up towards the tunnels. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. >> it will be another day of --
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a wake will be held for one of the sandy hook teachers. we have the latest. >> reporter: newtown is perforring a grim task. parents are -- performing a grim task. parents are doing what they shouldn't noah pozner was eulogized as a boy who liked animals video games and mexican food. an onlooker collapsed. inside the funeral his mother moved everyone to tears with the stories. >> she told them i love you. >> reporter: another funeral for jack pinto also 6. >> it was sad. just sad heavy hearted. >> reporter: jack loved the new york giants and his favorite player victor cruz wore his name on the cleats during sunday's game. >> to have my jersey and to be his favorite flare and -- player so much they want to bury him with it it was unreal and i said i was honored. >> reporter: there's so many pain for all close to a friday's shooting. connecticut governor malloy wiped away tears recalling the moment he informed parents their children died.
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and now he will attend so many funerals. >> you see little coughins and -- coffins and your heart has toic a. >> reporter: new information about the 20-year-old shooter paints a picture of a man who seemed to be unraveling. for years his mother shared his strugwell people at newtown bar and restaurant according to the owners. and nancy's friends say she told them in the last few months adam was so troubled he wouldn't leave the house. >> she home schooled him and everything and like i say i knew he was on medication but that's all i know. >> reporter: a former baby sitter says he was told to never leave adam alone. >> never go to the bathroom or turn your back on him. >> reporter: despite his problems friends say nancy took her son to local firing ranges and intrope dues -- introduced him to the world of high powered guns. this friday, the governor of connecticut is calling for a moment of silence and for church touches ring bells at the moment of last friday's shooting. -- churches to ring bells at
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the moment of last friday's shooting. the parents of -- parents say their son was in the classroom with the shooter and he was able to get out of the school. the boy's teacher was vicky soto. she died protecting her students. >> he is reassuring himself she is going to be okay. he really really cared about the teacher. he loved the class. she loved the class. >> the couple's daughter attend the school and is safe. closer to home in baltimore a newtown tragedy has a personal tragedy for our archbishop lori who came from southwestern connecticut where he spent 11 years and knew six the children and is praying for all the families facing so much grief. 6:33 and new information this morning we have learned dick's sporting goods is
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pulling semiautomatic rifles from the shelves nationwide. the retailer says the change is out of respect for the victims and the families of last week's massacre at sandy hook elementary. it's unclear how long the store will keep the suspension in place and the -- on the firearms but we want to know what you think about the move. weigh in at abc2 facebook fan page. a woman given the title of the oldest person has passed away. according to her granddaughter, deana died at her iowa retirement center on monday. she was 115 years old. a japanese man who is 15 days younger than her is now believed to be holding the title. a good deed done by a mystery man and no one will have a chance to say thank you. >> we will tell you what he did to make the holidays brighter for one unsuspecting mother. something that will put asmile on everyone's face for the holiday travel. gas prices under 3 bucks. >> and maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. but more showers are on the way. i will tell you when coming up. >> reporter: we are off to a foggy start and we have a crash
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on the west side of the beltway and another accident on 83. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. it's time to change the way we clean.
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news time 6:38 and a act of kindness can change so many lives. >> secret santa is putting toys under the christmas tree for families and unidentified man went into a houston wal-mart and paid off several lay away accounts. they had toys on them. sandra garza owed nearly 300 bucks for her kids toys and she was shocked when wal-mart said the account was completely paid off. >> really it's like he is giving it to them it's like they are not for me they are
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from a stranger that kale and wanted to let all the kid have good christmas i guess. all the lay away he paid off were toys. >> garza is thankful and plans to gib back to someone else because of this. >> we are paying less to fill up the cars in north dakota. prices are below $3 at a number of stations. and they could remain that way through the holiday season many we checked our website for the maryland gas and a driver reports seeing a gallon of regular unleaded forefor 2.the 7 -- 2.97 at a station in in pg county but we are beginning to see the numbers drop below 3 dollars. >> news time 6:39. could something have been done. what signs were there if any. so many questions about the newtown massacre. >> there are many questions out there. and we may never get all of the answers. morning we will talk to a local doctor who knows about school shootings. >> ahead this morning, the community of chrisfield maryland is having a hard time
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mocko after sandy especially for senior set dense. what area group is doing to help. >> and we have reduced visibility this morning. i will tell you when the fog lifts coming up. >> well in addition to the fog we are dealing with a crash right now on 695. and another accident on 83. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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good tuesday morning this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. we begin with a look at roads. lauren cook is monitoring the commute. a lot of fog. >> reporter: yes there is a lot of fog. expect reduced advice ability across the region. turn kiss -- visibility across the region. turn on the low beams. we have several accidents across the region. we have a crash on the jfx along the northbound lanes at 28th street. if you are traveling southbound into the city it's going to take you 12 minutes right now so normal conditions from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. we have a crash downtown that you want to keep in mind as well. it's going to be right on
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lexington at gay street. and we have an accident right now on the beltway first let's take a look at the 5 -- 95 at 395. traffic is moving along no problems getting through the tunnels. but back to the beltway we have a crash on west side on outer loop at 795 and you are looking right now at liberty road. not causing any significant backups as of yet but it's starting to pick up in the area. 13 minutes altogether to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic and here's meteorologist lynette charles with a look at the forecast good morning. >> good morning. we are dealing with some fog out there this morning. we can see it in catonsville and temperatures are above average. coming in at 48 degrees. we have the 100% humidity. dew point temperatures the same. more of the same in columbia this morning with the temperature coming in at 46 degrees. and that humidity is at about 100%. 100% goes into union bridge with the temperature at 46 degrees dew point coming in at 46 degrees as well.
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and that means that the air is saturated this morning. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now for the most part. but as we go through the afternoon, the later morning hours there is a chance for another shower to work the way in here. but we will get gradual clearing going throughout the day as well. we will start out with the fog this morning and we will turn mostly cloudy to partly cloudy as we go throughout the day and the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s and we will be mostly clear skies as we head later into the evening. megan and charley over to you. the tragedy in newtown connecticut has renewed the debate over gun control in the u.s. >> linda so is standing by with calls for change and something that's happening in washington, d.c. what's happening today. >> reporter: there's a newly formed grass roots organization that's called newtown united. they will send people to dc today. they are calling for better gun control to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in another community. hundreds of people marched from capitol hill to the national rifle association's dc office
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yesterday. new york city mayor michael bloomberg joined victims of gun violence to address the ongoing issue of access to guns. even some long time supporters like gun rights for gun rights like west virginia senator joe manchen say it's time to talk about regulating guns. he says he is open to discussing restrictions of assault weapons like the one used in the newtown shooting. president obama is pledging action to prevent more tragedies and to save chirnlg in the future. -- children in the future. >> what choice do we have? are we prepared to say such violence visited on our children year after year after year is the price of our freedom? >> reporter: and here in maryland, you can expect the gun control debate to return to annapolis when lawmakers head back to work in january for the new session. some legislators are calling for an all out ban on assault weapons in the state. linda so, abc2 news. news time 6:46. you won't see delegate dwyer
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trying to make a run for the state senate seat in 2014. he is dropping the plans and instead will seek reelection to the house. he admitted to driving drunk during a boat accident back in august. several people were injured in the crash including children. an investigation is not expected to be completed until next year. consider this the holiday bonus discover american express and capital one are handing out refund. capital one is accused of tricking customers into buying credit monitoring. it's a similar story for discover. american express is accused of illegally charging higher late fees. we have an important toy recall to tell you about this morning. water balls absorb water and can expand 400 times their original size. that can pose a problem for a child who -- pose a problem for a child who swallows them. recall happened after a baby needed surgery to remove the
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toy. other toys are being recalled as well. remember this, since we are on the subject of toys. easy bake oven is geared towards boys and girls. it got a makeover for both genders and the easy bake oven will be silver and black and is expected to hit the store shelves in the fall of next year. it was a 13 year old girl that launched the petition to get hasbro to change the oven so all kids could enjoy it and she collected 40,000 signatures for the the change. it appears both sides are moving closer towards a compromise and avoiding a fiscal cliff. president obama has agreed to curtail the cost of living increase for those on social security. he is seeking higher taxes for those make more than 400,000 dollars a year. the previous proposal was for those making more than 250,000. patrick leahy has been chosen as the pro temp on the senate. he was chosen following the death of long time dem craict
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senator danual inouye. he is the third in line after the president. govern o's -- governor o'malley is hosting a round table and will speak on progress his administration tackled this year and the challenges ahead for 2013. if your child has smart phone that has access to apps to reveal their physical location phone numbers to friends and more. the ftc is trying to make sure the apps will pose no threat to a child's online safety. however the makers of the apps say newly proposed regulations will make the apps less kid friendly. people along the eastern shore affected by super storm sandy are getting help. today the department of age something going to be giving out meals to householdness necessities to elder -- older residents. carroll and montgomery counties has been added to the list of areas that can receive disaster aid. 6:49. back to the story out of connecticut. friday's shooting left many of us with so many questions and
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the gunman and possible motivation of everything involved. be a some of the answers -- and some of the answers we may never get. >> but if anyone can help it's the dean of arts and science and and the author of a book. doctor newman joins us this morning on the phone to figure this out. good morning and thanks for joining news good morning thanks for having me. >> let's start with the difference. obviously this is affected so many because it was an elementary school but as far as the shooter goes, and the circumstances of the this what's different from other school shootings we have seen in the past? >> most of the school shootings we studied involved people inside the school because they were supposed to be there. this is one of those events where there was an intruder from the outside much like the case in lancaster county pennsylvania in 2006 war man came into an amish school and found his victims there. these are difference that actually matter in interpreting the motive of the shooting. but for most people it looks like a very strong family
6:51 am
resemblance between all the terrible tragedies. >> which is what? >> they involved people who shoot innocent victims they don't know and who are you know enacting a rage against the community in which they live. >> and doctor to that it seems like is there a common thread that exist between the shooters loners versus failed joiners and those people who might be seeing as social outcast? do they carry any common theme? >> well, the theme of social outcast is a common one for most of them. they often do stuff -- they suffer from mental illness not because people mentally riel violent but a -- ill are vienlt but people that are violent are often mentally ill. he is looking to change the way the rest see them. they don't just commit suicide they want to go out in plays of
6:52 am
antihero -- out in anti-hero glory so we will remember their names a reverse of the traditional hero. but we will remember them and they don't want to be remembered the way they are as misfits or people who couldn't find a niche in our society. >> doctor. >> their prefer to be remembered as anti-heros. >> we struggled what to do with this because we don't want to glorify someone who did something so terrible but there's a question how do you handle something like this? do you have suggestions as someone who has done so much research how we do this so we don't glorify killers so there won't be a next time and people won't be tempted to do something like this. >> it is a very good question and a very difficult needle to thread because what we really need to prevent the shootings is for kids who hear rumors about the intentions of the shooter which they often do to
6:53 am
come forward. they wouldn't come forward if they didn't know the things really happened and the media is the mechanism by which they learn it's possible. so, some degree of public attention is necessary for kids to understand that. but the liability as you point out is it creates this glorified or certainly attention receiving figure and that does drive a lot of this violence. >> all right dr. catherine newman with johns hopkins thanks for your time this morning. >> my pleasure thanks for having me. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's talk about the fog this morning and also we have some showers back off towards the west and west virginia right now. and entering pennsylvania. we do have the chance for more showers to work their way in as we go throughout the day. but as you step out the door, don't forget to take the rain gear with you. we will get gradual clearing as we go throughout the day so we have a little bit of everything going on.
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let's go outside now in bel air where we are looking at clouds. we have wet roadways from the first round of showers that went through this morning. and we are going to get some gradual clearing as we go through the day as well. 46 degrees right now in parkton. 47 now in parkton and we updated right before the eyes. more of the same in baltimore and annapolis coming in at 50 degrees right now and we are at 51 in centerville and federalsburg at 53. and this means that you need to take the coat with you this morning but you don't necessarily need the heaviest or warmest coat in your closet this morning. and at the surface we are in between the warm sector or we are in the warm sector in between the cold front and the warm front that's sliced through the area. this is why temperatures are mild this morning. we are waiting for the cold front to move through behind that high pressure will build in so we will get lots of sunshine in the forecast as we head towards tomorrow. but this is what to expect for today. depending on when the cold
6:55 am
front moves through, and if we get more sunshine in here, temperatures will boot up to about 58 degrees but temperatures will drop off by tonight much colder and cooler tomorrow with that cold front moving through coming in at 53 degrees. and from there, it gets colder. look what we have as we go into friday. saturday and sunday, the ravens game is going to be a cold day. but a dry day. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. we are dealing with some fog across the region. so take it slow this morning. be sure to use the low beams. we have accidents a crash is cleared to the northbound shoulder of 83 right at 28th street. and if you use the jfx to get downtown, do expect heavy congestion right now southbound. it's going to be jammed from ruxton to street. on the beltway, the delays will continue we are dealing with a crash on the shoulder of the outer loop near 795 and you are looking at old court road. it's going to take 15 minutes right now to travel from 795
6:56 am
down to interstate 70. if you are traveling on 95 downtown, a different story at 395. no problems getting through the tunnel this morning. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. it's the end of the year and you want to show appreciation for those who you do business. how many how much do you tip? experts say a hairstylist or barber close to one visit a handyman who does work around the house 15 to 20 dollars is the amount but not everyone can accept cash gifts. mail carriers and trash collectors use usually work for the government so they can't take movie. homemade gifts are and you a a preeshted. >> bake them -- appreciated. >> bake them cookies. >> with easy bake oven. >> let us know on facebook what you think. that's the question. and head there for for more news. >> now to new york for good
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